Tomtom palm treo 650 sat nav

tomtom palm treo 650 sat nav

Best car gadget - TomTom XL Live Best satnav - Navman S90i. Best car gadget Best PDA/smartphone - Palm Treo. Palm Treo p w Li-ion Battery - myaccessoryguy .. end of June, you can scoop up free TomTom satnav software if you buy a Palm Treo smartphone. Bluetooth-connected navigation kit stacks up well against expensive in-dash guidance systems. the thing actually be usable, in the real world, with my Palm Treo ? The software is TomTom Navigator, a well-known and respected on the GPS it's best not to move while it's acquiring satellite signals. ACTV: TomTom for Treo Smartphone tomtom palm treo 650 sat nav

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